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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ClumpyCrunch help me reprocess old Δ47 measurements in a new reference frame?

Yes, in some cases. For instance, let's suppose you have a dataset with several sessions including analyses of heated/equilibrated gases, carbonate standards, and unknwons samples. In order to reprocess these data in a new reference frame anchored to carbonate standards, you may enter the nominal values of these new carbonate standard in the “Standardization Settings” text box, and rename all your heated/equilibrated gases so that all gases equilibrated at the same temperature are named as a single unknown sample, e.g., HG, EG-25... Using the pooled standardization approach will ensure that the gas analyses are fully used to constrain the compositional/gas slope, while still anchoring the final, absolute Δ47 values to the carbonate standards specified in the standardization settings.

For this approach to succeed the follwoing conditions must be met:

  1. each of your sessions must include at least one carbonate anchor;
  2. at least one session must include two or more carbonate anchors covering a large range of Δ47 values;
  3. each session must include gases and/or carbonate standards covering a wide range of δ47 values.


ClumpyCrunch is an open-source application built on Flask and D47crunch v0.6.2dev1,
using the standardization methods described by Daëron (in prep.).
ClumpyCrunch retains no records of your analytical data after you close your browser window.
All questions/suggestions are welcome and should be directed at Mathieu Daëron.